Health & Wellness Curriculum

(State Adopted) Student Textbook, Teacher Edition, Videos, and Supplemental Material for the following are used:



 Hacourt Health and Fitness

South Carolina Department of Education P.E. Standards Manual


Holt: Decisions for Health, Grade 6, Level Green -- Student Edition

 *State Owned Book            ISBN: 978-0-03-067454-9          Cost: $68.40

Holt McDougal  2007 

State / Textbook ID:0650071  Grades:06-06

 Holt: Decisions for Health, Grade 7, Level Red -- Student Edition

*State Owned Book            ISBN: 978-0-03-067522-5        Cost:  $74.90

Holt McDougal  2007 

State / Textbook ID:0650081  Grades:07-07

 Holt: Decisions for Health, Grade 8, Level Blue -- Student Edition  

*State Owned Book           ISBN: 978-0-03-067791-5         Cost:  $79.20

Holt McDougal  2007 

State / Textbook ID:0650091  Grades:08-08

 Holt Workbook:  Risks of Sexual Activity 

 LifeSkills Training Levels 1, 2, & 3 Workbook (Gilbert J. Botvin)--Promoting Health & Personal Development


Holt: Lifetime Health

LifeSkills Training Workbook

Heritage Keepers: Abstinence Based Sex Education Curriculum